ECCG recommendations for Quality / Outcome measures recording

Methodology of data collection


Individuals felt most appropriate for data collection/recording were ranked:

  • (1st)  Cancer / Data Coordinators
  • (2nd) Data Managers
  • (3rd)  Surgeons

Trainees are not recommended for data collection.

Comorbidity assessment


Routine recording of:

Recording change in post-operative level of care


Record transfers of patients to higher level of care (e.g., Ward to ICU / HDU)

Recording of complication severity and resource utilization


Complication data recording should include scoring with either Clavien-Dindo classification or Accordion classification.

Blood product utilization


Blood Transfusions should be recorded in two settings:

  • Intra-operative transfusions
  • Post-operative transfusions

Recording discharge location


Recording should discriminate between:

  • Discharge to home
  • Discharge to any other medical facility (e.g. secondary hospital, rehab center, nursing facility)

Recording of readmissions


  • Record all readmissions to primary or secondary hospital within 30 days of discharge
  • Record timing and cause of readmission

Recording of mortality


Routinely record 30-day and in-hospital mortality. There was strong agreement for also recording 90-day mortality.

30-day mortality should include:

  •  All deaths within 30 days, regardless of cause, during the initial hospitalization including
  • All deaths regardless of cause, after discharge up to 30 days post-operatively those transferred to other acute care facilities