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These Esophagectomy Complication Consensus Group  (ECCG) recommended data fields (limited to 50 fields for malignant cases and 25 fields for benign cases) focused to document only non-identifiable demographics, health status, co-morbidity, procedure details, and mainly standardized complication & outcome-quality measures.

ISDE - Research & Database Committee will govern the expansion of datasets to meet the regional, individual institutes' and future research project requirements.

Data stored in this institute specific database will be accessible only to the respective participating institutions / members and the ISDE- Research & Database Committee. Data entered will be available to edit / update only for mutually agreed length of time and to export in a standardized data file format.

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Health status

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Indication and timing of Esophagectomy

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Tumor stages

Esophagectomy details


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Please choose the severity grading for the most severe complication of all complications recorded.
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Complications not specified in the ECCG options list (optional)
Complications not specified in the ECCG options list (optional)
Complications not specified in the ECCG options list (optional)

Outcome / Quality measures

( e.g. ICU, ITU / HDU)
Post-operative length of stay (days)